Life is Full of Magic

Life is full of magic, and life’s magic affects who we are and who we can be. It is time to realize you are the magician. You can think of yourself as anything. You alone do the thinking, the magic. Although, all too often we let others' beliefs about ourselves effect us. It may seem that we are who we are and there is no changing that, but that is an untruth.

magic hat and wand

An ice cube looks frozen solid until it meets the sun. A clay figure may look like a duck until someone comes along and squishes it into a dog. The seed may look insignificant until it grows into a mighty oak.

We may never know our true potential that is locked away until it is released. You alone keep yourself frozen solid or stuck as seed. In fact if there is any “secret” at all, it is YOU. You alone are the key that unlocks your potential. Claim yourself as the magician once again and take back your power.
The power to create.